It has been predicted that in 2020 80% of all internet content will be video. So let,s say, at this time, nobody should miss the possibility of adding video and motion design to their own marketing. One more way to create a consistent identity that helps to tell the audience exactly who you are and what you do. And at this point you would meet a world of new choices, depending on your target or the social platform where you would wish to focus. You will be able to choose among many different kind of videos like demo videos, brand videos, events videos, educational, personalized messages, live videos…

But in many cases a proper video production will suppose a high budget that often would not be a possibility, but here is where it comes the motion design magic. Tadaaa! Motion graphics will bring your brand through video, music, shapes, lettering, colors and movements to a very strong dimension. That would catch your possible clients eyes in many different social platforms, in a very effective way. Because video production and motion design are a perfect team.

The narrative of a video can be adapted to any idea, it hast to be fast, powerful and moreover, make the hard work for the viewer very easy, instead of reading through an article, they can just sit, relax and enjoy.

Video content makes it easier for your audience to remember you, to make complicate topics, easy to understand or simply to provide them with a funny moment that will still resonate in their heads in the future. An easy cheap tool that combines perfectly with video edition, graphic design, photography and other visual marketing tools.

Because we live in an oversaturated market, where almost everything has been seen and therefore you need any tool that would make your brand recognizable and notable over similar ones. Our work is to find any chance in our hands to get there, and video and motion graphics are a part of it. Because bringing to life, through movements and video, a brand is a lot of fun, going to a dance and just keep at the bar drinking a beer, is not a choice, the choice is to move it, move it!